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LOGOs & Graphic Design

Web Design & Development

Document Layout & Design

Photography & Videography


Alkitab (Quick Bible)

I have been involved in the translation of the amazing Quick Bible for Android application for over 4 years. Additionally, I am working on encoding new hymnals to be added to the in-app resource download sections. See the full project at Alkitab Android. My contributions are made on the Crowdin platform.

My contributions are as follows:

  • UI/UX Translation:
    • Thai
    • Lao
    • Myanmar
    • Spanish
  • Hymnal Encoding:

I have been a user of the amazing platform SoloLearn for over two years now. During the first year, I helped produce a number of tutorials for beginners learning the Kotlin programming language, among a few other things. During February 2020, I was selected to join the Moderation team, and it has been an amazing experience to work with such an awesome and dynamic team. Join SoloLearn today, and learn to code for free!

HERE WeGo Maps

In case you wondering, yes, I do love cartography; and while Google Maps in definitely my favourite, they do not support certain features for Myanmar, meaning I had to turn to HERE WeGo maps to add missing roads to the map. Join the fun!

BibleTime App

I have been involved in the translation of the BibleTime Application for over 3 years. My contributions are made on the Transifex platform, and are as follows:


  • UI/UX Translation (Desktop & Mobile):
    • Thai
    • Myanmar
Pi Coin

I have recently joined the Pi Network community to help test and perfect this new digital currency, that can be mined directly on your phone by checking in once every 24 hours. If you are interested to join, you must have an invite code from somebody already in the Pi Network for security purposes. So here’s mine: tonyquick

See you in the app!

"The Fate" - Movie

I had the opportunity to play a minor role in the Myanmar movie “The Fate” directed by Rar Win Oo and produced by Hlawka Productions. My part was to play an ambulance rescue worker during the combat scenes.

Google Local Guide

I have been a top local guide in my region for 3 years straight with Google Maps, actively contributing and supporting the mapping process of Myanmar and Thailand. Check out Google Maps here!

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